Introducing:  The Benjamin Minute  (Limited time only) Practical Video is making a unique offer: We will create a one minute video for any purpose you wish* – for only $100, ready to embed on your web site. Video has become a key method of communication – and we want to show it can be efficient and cost effective and – well, Practical!  We will also create more extensive productions and campaigns - but we want to offer you an easy way to sample our services! The finished product is a 60 second video – with an attractive intro and ending – shot, edited and posted online ready to view or embed in your own web site.  Total cost for the base offer is $100 (plus applicable taxes) - also known as a Benjamin! See below for examples of work done for our clients! We use your location, available light and audio and a handheld camera - the same set-up used to produce professional remote footage for and other sites.  We use a professional editing suite and producers with years of experience in a variety of video formats so we can offer the widest selection of advice and tips for the best possible one-minute video for your use. What you get: - Brief consult about your goals, and potential approaches to an effective video - One-hour recording session at your site (outside Franklin Co Ohio, expenses charged) - Minimum 60 second video (extra time at editor’s discretion) - After approval, video is posted on public server for client use, web site, etc.                 Resort Gems: Rentals by Owner                                                                     The Pursuit Group                                                                        Platform Lab Here's how it works: Call / Schedule your shoot:  Contact Practical Video for any needed background or guidance, and to set a time to shoot your video.  We travel within Franklin County, Ohio, and plan on 15 minutes to set up, and one hour for the shoot, plus 15 minutes to finish, pack up and be on our way. The location of the shoot can be your space or ours.  Generally, a business pitch or demo can be most effective in your space.  More personal messages benefit from a neutral space.  The location can be outside or indoors. Concept:  You create an idea for the video.  This may relate to your business – demo, personal intro, promotion for the entire business or – even better – focusing on one specific product or service.  The topic might also be something personal.  It might relate to a cause you support, an issue on whose behalf you wish to speak, a personal message, or any other legitimate reason.  Consider video for FAQs, profiles of your staff, tutorials and more! Preparing Content:  You can provide up to 10 still photos or other images to include. Preparing/Scripting:  It is advisable to jot down a script or at least some notes as you think of points you wish to cover.  The most effective stories are those that get quickly to the point, make 2-3 key points, summarize and end it.  Depending on how quickly you speak, 150 to 200 words can be delivered in 60 seconds. Lighting/Audio:  The Benjamin Minute video utilizes available light and sound.  In choosing the location for your video, be sure there is plenty of light available - especially for indoor shots – and no distracting ambient noise (we can time the shoot to go between take-offs and landings, but can't escape loud air conditioning or other equipment noise).   We can work with you in selecting an optimum location. Additional Assets:  Be sure to schedule any other resources you will require for the scheduled time of the shoot.  All the people, props or other elements must be present – or must be in hand – for the actual shoot to be included.  Once the shoot is concluded we will edit and complete your video.  Editing:  When the shoot has been completed, your video goes into editing and we will deliver the finished product – actually a link to the finished product – within one week.  Other schedules can be negotiated. Distribution: We will post your video on a public video server (there are a couple of options) and also provide instructions for your Webmaster, if needed, for embedding your video on your web page, and for including the link in an email.  * Limitations/Caveats: •  You can include copyrighted material only if a) you own the copyright or b) you demonstrate you have the needed permissions. •  We will not produce videos that are in any way illegal, or which would violate the terms of any ISP, YouTube or other video or online providers. •  We will travel within Franklin County Ohio at no extra charge.  Outside Franklin Co. charges begin at $1.00/mile. •  Shoots canceled or rescheduled within 48 hours of the scheduled time will incur a $50 rescheduling fee.
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