Services Video has become a fundamental communication method.  It is no longer the exclusive territory of million dollar projects and studios.  The Internet makes small format video accessible to virtually every web site owner.  The key to use each communication format in its most appropriate way.  Text is sometimes the best solution.  There are many approaches to video - live action, animation, time lapse, stop motion, screencasting - each of which has its strengths and weaknesses depending on the context and message to be delivered. In other words, once you understand your mission, video is an available choice for delivering the right message.  But the most successful communications - web sites, videos, and indeed any other work of media - is created with an awareness of the ultimate goal - the mission - and just what needs to be said - the message.   Practical Video is a video and audio producer focusing on marketing and training applications, and enhancing client websites and related publications.  We are dedicated to producing the most effective messaging at reasonable cost, using appropriate technology.  We welcome the opportunity to bid on your next project. We can provide services including (but not limited to): •  Strategy •  Conceptualization •  Scripting •  Editing •  Publishing/Posting Think about these applications, where video or audio can enhance your messaging effectiveness: •  Demonstrations •  Training •  Conference presentations •  Website enhancements •  Introductory personal presentations •  Vlogs (video blog - serial productions) •  Podcasts (audio only) Our approach at Practical Video Studios remains the same as we have used at PR Promotions:  First - define the objective.  Second, select a solution.  We always ask two questions: What’s your mission?  What’s your message?  What’s your mission?   What do you do, what are you trying to accomplish? What’s your message?  What do you want people to remember about you and your mission?  What would you like them to do? All content Copyright  © 2011 • PR Promotions LLC   except where specified otherwise Practical Video and Benjamin Minute are trademarks of PR Promotions LLC
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